Александра Д.

Работа на полный день, 5/2

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Адрес Санкт-Петербург, Russian Federation
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CJSC «Pharm-Holding»
Head of Fermentation Laboratory/Project Manager
Авг 2016 - Сен 2017
Headed the laboratory aimed to bacterial and yeast recombinant producers fermentation process development (bench scale), media development and cell banking
CJSC «Pharm-Holding»
R&D Scientist
Июл 2014 - Авг 2016
Participated in different stages of drug research and development, from molecular cloning to in vitro evaluation of biological activity
Pavlov Physiology Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Research Assistant
Мар 2014 - Июл 2014
Investigated activation of p38 MAPK signaling and histones methylation during long-term memory formation in the mollusk Helix
Institute of fundamental medicine and biology
Окт 2013 - Дек 2013
Mastered basic cell culture techniques (HEK-293 cell line maintenance and cryopreservation, growth medium preparation)


St.-Petersburg State University, Department of Cytology and Histology, Faculty of Biology
Master of Science
Сен 2008 - Дек 2010
Master's thesis: Role of MAPK/ERK regulatory cascade in epigenetic mechanisms of long-term memory
St.-Petersburg State University, Department of Genetics, Faculty of Biology
Bachelor of Science
Сен 2004 - Июн 2008
Bachelor thesis: Effect of overexpression of SFP1 gene on determinant [ISP+] appearance in yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae

В чем вы сильны?


  • Molecular biology: genetic engineering; DNA cloning; plasmid DNA isolation; PCR; Site-directed mutagenesis; DNA sequencing and analysis
  • Bioprocess development: recombinant producer strains screening; optimization of medium composition, feeding strategy and process parameters; PID controller tuning
  • Biochemistry: recombinant protein expression and purification, SDS-PAGE, Western and dot blotting, ELISA, DELFIA, molecular interactions analysis based on MicroScale Thermophoresis (Monolith NT.115)
  • Cell biology: mammalian cell culture (HEK293, HepG2, MG-63, IM-9, K-562, HK-2, HEK-293, L6), cell-based assays (measurement of intracellular calcium using Fura-2 fluorescent Ca2+ indicator; glucose uptake measurement using fluorescent glucose analog 2-NBDG; MTT assay)
  • Data analysis: Minitab, GraphPad Prism, Statistica, Vector NTI, GelAnalyzer