Постдок или аспирант в области РНК биологии


Postdoc or PhD student position in RNA biology is available at the Max Delbruck Center (Berlin) in Chekulaeva lab. Motor neuron disorders (MNDs) are a group of neurodegenerative diseases affecting motor neurons, i.e. neurons that control skeletal muscle contraction to produce motion. Degeneration of motor neurons leads to progressive paralysis and severe disability. Despite their heterogeneity, MNDs share common pathogenic pathways, including abnormalities in RNA splicing and transport. In our prior work, we have developed a neurite/soma fractionation scheme in combination with mass spectrometry, RNA-seq and ribosome profiling analyses, to identify proteins and RNAs that are differentially localized and translated between neurites and soma of neuronal cells (Zappulo et al., 2017). The aim of the current project is to apply this profiling scheme to motor neurons and their MNDs models, followed by integrative computational analysis to identify common players that change their expression and/or localization pattern in multiple MND models. The project will involve collaboration with international partners, contributing different expertise to the project, including computational analysis, in vivo MND models and clinical research. For more information: on the  institute and the lab.


Ideal candidate should have a background in biochemistry, molecular biology, bioinformatics, computer science or similar subjects, interest in RNA biology and mechanisms of gene regulation, and good knowledge of English. Computational candidates should have good programming skills for data analysis preferably in R and in one of the scripting languages such as Perl/Python. To apply, please send your motivation letter and CV with contact details of least two referees, as a single pdf file, to marina.chekulaeva(at)mdc-berlin.de.

Recommended reading:

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2) Chekulaeva, M, Landthaler, M. Eyes on translation.  Mol. Cell 2016 


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