PhD: Mechanisms of epigenetic genome regulation

в Dr. Elizabeth Bayne’s lab
Город Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
Опубликовано 01.11.2018
Категория Биоинформатика
Тип вакансии PhD или аспирант


Regulation of eukaryotic genomes occurs in part at the level of epigenetics, whereby
heritable changes in gene expression are signalled independently of the underlying DNA
sequence. Common epigenetic ‘signals’ are post-translational histone modifications and
RNAi-related small RNAs, and dysregulation of these signals is associated with a number of
diseases including cancers. Our lab aims to understand the fundamental and
interconnecting roles of small RNAs and chromatin modifications in genome regulation,
using primarily the well-characterised model system fission yeast (Schizosaccharomyces
We are seeking an enthusiastic and talented student to join our team. You will have the
opportunity to address fundamental mechanistic questions about epigenetic regulation,
employing a variety of state-the-art techniques, from genetics and molecular biology to
proteomics and high-throughput sequencing. The focus of the project and the approaches
used will be tailored to the specific interests of the student, but potential areas of
investigation include novel factors required for RNAi-mediated silencing, roles of ubiquitin
and SUMO in regulation of RNAi and chromatin pathways, control of chromatin domain
boundaries, and roles of RNAi in alternative yeast models.


• Final year biology student or recent graduate
• High motivation for scientific research
• Excellent academic performance (GPA > 8.5/10)
• Knowledge of English – upper-intermediate or higher
• Hands-on lab experience


• Young international research group
• Dynamic scientific environment at one of the best UK universities
• 4 years funding with a generous stipend of £15,000 per annum
• Additional travel funds through the last year of the program


Further information about the lab can be found at and informal
enquiries are welcome to

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