PhD: The role of the “junk DNA” in organising nuclear architecture and controlling DNA replication

в Dr. Sara Buonomo’s lab
Город Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
Опубликовано 01.11.2018
Категория Мокрая биология
Тип вакансии PhD или аспирант


PhD Studentship in cell biology supported by The Darwin Trust of Edinbugh in Dr Sara
Buonomo’s lab.
The role of the “junk DNA” in organising nuclear architecture and controlling DNA
A substantial proportion of our genomes comprises of DNA originating from what used to be
viruses, now stably integrated. The host cells have hijacked these elements, transforming
them into key players of the regulatory landscape. A large class of these elements is
represented by the Endogenous Retro Viruses (ERVs). Their function in modulating gene
expression, especially during early embryonic development, is well-known. Little is known,
however, of their influence on genome architecture and of their potential role in the
regulation of the timing of DNA replication. The aim of the project is to start exploring these
fascinating and little-understood areas.
If you are interested in cell cycle, DNA replication, nuclear organization, chromosome biology
and want to work with mammalian primary and stem cells join our group. We employ cutting
edge technology such as genome-wide analysis of chromatin contacts (3C-derivatives),
chromatin immunoprecipitation, RNA-seq profiling of gene expression and deep-sequencingbased
replication-timing analysis. We also use confocal microscopy and live-imaging
techniques. We are looking for enthusiastic, flexible and hard-working candidates driven by
curiosity and passion for science.


• Final year biology student or recent graduate
• High motivation for scientific research
• Excellent academic performance (GPA > 8.5/10)
• Knowledge of English – upper-intermediate or higher
• Hands-on lab experience


• Young international research group
• Dynamic scientific environment at one of the best UK universities
• 4 years funding with a generous stipend of £15,000 per annum
• Additional travel funds through the last year of the program


Further information about the lab can be found at and
informal enquiries are welcome to

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