в Moscow Institute of Science and Technology
Город Москва, Russian Federation
Опубликовано 26.10.2019
Категория Биоинформатика
Тип вакансии Постдок или научный сотрудник


Laboratory of  Bioinformatics for Cell Technologies (head Dr. Yulia Medvedeva), recently organized at Moscow Institute of Science and Technology, is looking for a Postdoc fellow with a strong interest in cell reprogramming and transdifferentiation and profound bioinformatics skills. 

In the lab we identify molecular signatures for various cell types and explore the molecular processes allowing cell transdifferentiation. We study the impact of various factors influencing cell reprogramming and transdifferentiation, among which are transcription factors and chemical agents. Identified biomarkers will have significant impact on the understanding of cell transformation processes and can be  applied in personalized medicine. Our approach involves single cell data analysis to target rare and transient cell types. Single cell processing can be followed by multi-omics data integration allowing to improve power of the analysis.  

Our group collaborates with several international consortia such as FANTOM and Human Cell Atlas. We work together with the leading bioinformatics and molecular biology labs, which allows us to access novel in-house generated data. Our ongoing projects are expected to result in a series of high-impact publications. 

Candidate will be expected to process various types of NGS-based data, including RNA-seq, ATAC-seq and other methods applicable for transcription and epigenetic regulation, use statistical inference and Machine Learning to assess regulatory networks, design and apply novel approaches for single cell data integration and to closely interact with group’s collaborators.



  • PhD degree in Computer Science, Bioinformatics, Machine Learning, Statistics or a related field
  • Proficiency in any programming language (Python, C/C++, R)
  • Knowledge of Statistics
  • Experience in Data Science 2+ years
  • Understanding basics of Molecular Biology or Immunology
  • Strong publication record
  • Experience in Machine Learning and/or Differential Gene Expression analysis will be an advantage


  • Competitive salary
  • Interesting projects
  • High level publications
  • Great team