Город New York, United States
Опубликовано 07.07.2020
Категория Биохимия
Тип вакансии Постдок или научный сотрудник



The Verkhusha laboratory [1] at the Albert
Einstein College of Medicine in New York [2]
that is one of the top biomedical universities in the USA is looking for
two postdocs interested in the development, characterization and imaging
of fluorescent biosensors and activation of optogenetic tools.

We are the protein engineering laboratory with the current focus on
neuroscience. The laboratory develops fluorescent protein-based
biosensors for calcium and membrane voltage, for neuromodulators and
neurotransmitters, and enzymatic activation The laboratory is interested
in fluorescence imaging of these biosensors in primary cultured neurons
and, in future, in mice to correlate specific behavior, sensation, and
cognitive processes to neuronal circuits in the brain. More details on
the laboratory projects can be found in the recently published papers: [3] and [4]

We currently have two opened positions: one position is for a molecular
biologist willing to engineer fluorescent protein-based biosensors and
characterize them in vitro and in cultured cells, while another position
is for a neuroscientist willing to work in cellular electrophysiology,
electric filed stimulation and calcium imaging in cultured neurons. To
apply, please email your CV and cover letter summarizing your experience

Albert Einstein College of Medicine offers a highly interactive and
stimulating academic environment for scientists who also benefit from
the programs within the Biophotonics Center, Innovation Imaging
laboratory, Department of Neuroscience, Cancer Center and throughout the
university. The initial salary for both positions is $53,000 per year.
The university is located in a pleasant residential area in the
northeast corner of New York City with an easy commute to downtown
Manhattan. We offer free medical insurance and 30% subsidized apartment
in the postdoctoral housing.

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