Highly motivated students are invited to join a remote internship on the evolution of aging project. The work will be a continuation of our recently published paper:

Lidsky PV, Andino R. Epidemics as an adaptive driving force determining lifespan setpoints. PNAS. 2020 117 (30) 17937-17948.

The project is entirely theoretical and consists of two integrated parts:

  • Testing the predictions of the hypothesis by a comparative analysis of different species. The work will be to read and annotate ecological data to build or complement databases of species to correlate longevity with other relevant traits (e.g. fecundity, dispersal, social structure) with a sufficient amount of data.
  • Mathematical modeling of epidemics and their potential interactions with the evolution of the lifespan.


Primary contact: Dr. Peter Lidsky (University of California, San Francisco)
Scientific advisors: Prof. Joao Pedro De Magalhaes (University of Liverpool), Prof. Raul Andino (University of California, San Francisco) 



  • High motivation
  • Good English (ability to read, write, and communicate)
  • Programming skills (Python) are required for participation in the second part of the project.
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