PhD fellowship - Evolution of vertebrate non-coding sequences and genome size

в Nord University
Город Bodø, Norway
Опубликовано 05.12.2020
Категория Биоинформатика
Тип вакансии PhD или аспирант
Адрес Universitetsalléen 11


A 3-year PhD fellowship is available at the Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture, Nord University (Bodø, Norway).

We are offering a PhD position to study the evolution of vertebrate non-coding sequences and genome size.


Recent advances in high-throughput sequencing technologies have resulted in the availability of large numbers of well assembled genomes as well as sequence variance data from a growing number of wild species subject to natural selection. This makes it possible to not only infer how genome size has changed, but also to investigate the likely evolutionary processes underlying these changes through the use of population genetics methodologies.

This project will make use of around 200 whole genome sequences and phylogenetic and population genetic approaches to determine how and why non-coding sequences evolve. The research includes both methods development and analyses of sequence changes in non-coding sequence. The research will make use of the highly variable teleost genome sizes in order to identify the evolutionary pressures and mechanisms underlying genome size evolution.

The proposed research is pure bioinformatics, and the student will need to gain an understanding of sequence alignment and phylogenetic tree building approaches and be able to efficiently implement at least some of these. In order for this the student should be or become proficient in R, C (or C++), SQL, Bash and a general-purpose scripting programming language like Perl or Python.

Details are here:


The annual salary for doctoral researchers (code 1017) is set at wage level 54, LR 20, NOK 482.200,- in the Norwegian State Salary Scale. Suitably qualified candidates may be placed in code 1378.

  • Advantages within the Government Pension Fund for borrowing, insurance and pension.
  • Creative and collegial working environment
  • A workplace with steady progressive development
  • Flexible working hours
  • Active university sports team
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