Postdocs / research associate

в Tilgner Lab, Weill Cornell Medicine (посмотреть профиль)
Город New York, United States
Опубликовано 07.12.2020
Категория Биоинформатика
Тип вакансии Полная занятость
Постдок или научный сотрудник
Адрес 413 East 69th Street


One position has a computational focus geared towards algorithm development and data analysis revolving around healthy and diseased brain using single-cell and spatial long-read sequencing. The perfect candidate would have a PhD degree in bioinformatics, computer science or similar as well as established coding experience in R/Matlab/Python or C++/Java. 

The other position is a wet lab tech-dev position centered around single-cell and spatial long-read methods to further our understanding of the brain in neurodegeneration among others. The perfect candidate would have a PhD in biology, neuroscience or similar as well as established detailed knowledge of molecular biology and sequencing technologies (as for example single-cell technologies and/or long-read sequencing). 

For both positions, tight collaboration across disciplines (informatics, neuroscience and molecular biology) is key in the lab and candidates should therefore like such a setting.

A few representative papers include:

  1. (bioinformatic development of sample comparison using single-cell long-read sequencing and development of slide-isoform sequencing (Sl-ISO-Seq))
  2. (development of single-cell long-read seq using 10x + PacBio/Nanopore applied to early postnatal mouse brain; 2018)
  3. (wetlab and bioinformatic development of Illumina-based long-read sequencing applied to human and mouse adult brain; 2015)
  4. (bioinformatic development of allele-specific splicing detection from long reads in lymphoblastoid cell lines; 2014)
  5. (development of PacBio for transcriptomics applied to transcriptome sequencing in multiple human organs; 2013)


Preferably PhD in bioinformatics / computer science or biology / neuroscience depending on the position.

Proficient level of English is required.

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