Microbiologist (PhD) / Микробиолог

в Uniphage Inc.
Город Russian Federation
Опубликовано 09.12.2021
Категория Мокрая биология
Тип вакансии Полная занятость
Постдок или научный сотрудник


About us:

Uniphage is a biotech/AI startup that is building a platform technology to predict and engineer viral-host interactions to cure bacterial and fungal diseases in agriculture and beyond! We're a small, Silicon Valley-based startup that is establishing its research presence in St. Petersburg. We're looking for proactive individuals who can drive research efforts and solve complex problems! Competitive pay is guaranteed.




We're looking for someone to help us set up a small microbiology lab in St. Petersburg and collect microbiological data. We aim to collect extensive datasets on novel bacteria and fungi as well as respective viruses to train our deep learning models.

This position will involve:

  1. Extensive novel microorganism culturing (including bacteria, fungi, phages, and mycoviruses)
  2. Sequencing novel microorganisms with a nanopore sequencer
  3. Managing and setting up a small microbiology lab
  4. Establishing new culturing and data collection protocols


  1. A PhD in Microbiology (or a corresponding degree)
  2. Extensive microbiology wet-lab experience
  3. Experience with bacteriophages is preferred but not required
  4. Ability to work independently
  5. Ability to document your work well
  6. Strong communication skills
  7. Strong English skills are required


What We Provide:

  1. Competitive Pay
  2. Experience working in an awesome Silicon Valley startup
  3. Little administrative work and a lot of pure research
  4. Opportunity to drive your research and be responsible for your achievements
  5. Opportunity to publish
  6. We're happy to provide additional support in the form of additional administrative staff & research assistants if the need arises
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