Junior Bioinformatics scientist

в BostonGene (посмотреть профиль)
Город Yerevan, Armenia
Опубликовано 07.06.2023
Категория Биоинформатика
Тип вакансии Полная занятость


BostonGene is opening an opportunity for 2023 University graduates to join our expanding R&D team. You will have a chance to work on an actual project with professional bioinformaticians and gain a valuable experience in cancer data analysis.

Location: Yerevan, Armenia

Level: intern

What will you learn:

  • Together with an experienced mentor, you will work on an actual research project;
  • You will learn to perform NGS data analysis for scientific collaborations or for our clinical tests analysis and visualization using various bioinformatics tools and pipelines;
  • You will learn how to apply statistical techniques and computational algorithms to analyze NGS data, identifying genetic variants, somatic mutations, and structural alterations associated with different types of cancer diseases;
  • Analyze scientific literature on oncogenesis/tumor’s molecular and cellular characteristics;
  • Participate in the research on oncogenesis and tumor properties integrating WES & RNAseq;
  • Participate in internal code development and maintenance.


  • Graduate in Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, or a related field;
  • Motivation to find a long-term job in the biotech industry;
  • Familiarity with bioinformatics tools and resources for NGS data analysis, such as BWA, GATK, SAMtools, IGV, and public databases (e.g., TCGA, COSMIC);
  • Strong understanding of genomics, molecular biology, and cancer biology concepts;
  • Knowledge of Python programming language and libraries (Pandas, NumPy, etc.) used for data analysis, Linux;
  • Fluency in English sufficient for fluent reading and understanding of scientific articles;
  • Team player, with strong analytical skills and a positive attitude.


Salary level to be discussed idividually


  • Relocation to Yerevan, Armenia. The relocation package includes a ticket, 2 weeks of hotel accommodation, support with finding permanent housing, a bank account in a local bank, and legalization in Armenia;
  • 3-month contract, which we will be delighted to prolong after the successful internship;
  • Salary lever is to be discussed individually;
  • Full-time position, flexible working hours, office-based workplace;
  • Opportunity to grow professionally in an emerging industry of precision oncology;
  • Versatile professional environment: bioinformatics, biologists, physicians, and software developers who united to save people’s lives.

In a Cover Letter please write about what type of NGS date you have previously worked with and if you are ope to relocation to Armenia for an extended period of time

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