Stem cell culture specialist

в Medical Cellular Americas S.A. (посмотреть профиль)
Город Cancun, Mexico
Опубликовано 15.06.2017
Категория Биомедицина
Тип вакансии Полная занятость


Medical Cellular Americas S.A., regenerative medicine company in Cancun, Mexico is seeking a qualified specialist, Master level or higher with experience with mesenchymal stem cell culture and expansion. The qualified candidate will have experience in human mesenchymal stem cell culture including separation, identification, marker acquisition and storage.

The salary and benefit package is commensurate with experience and qualification.

Skillset required :

  • To be able to mechanically and enzymatically separate the biological material from the source (umbilical cord, placenta or adipose tissue)
  • Incubation and culture expansion up to 10 to the power on 8
  • Cell culture passage
  • Cell storage and resuspension from LIN2
  • Cell identification and knowledge of immunophenotyping
  • Ability to work with cell bioreactor
  • Ability to operate in clean room environment
  • Ability to to work with incubators and inverted microscopes, centrifuges and Laminar flow hoods, isolators and cytoflowmeters
  • Ability to complete and propagate cell culture from start to finish in clean room environment
  • Ability to administer Above in GMP protocol.

On-hand experience in culture/manufacturing and expansion of human or/and animal stem cells. Familiar with all aspects of production such as clean room operation, sterile technique, application of various media and growth factors.

Basically, person familiar to all aspects of stem cell culture from start to finish. Cryopreservation of cells, separation cells from starting source.


Essential Criteria:

  • Substantial research experience in MSC isolation, expansion and phenotypic characterization.
  • Substantial experience in cell therapy in musculoskeletal or connective tissue applications.
  • Substantial experience in immunology, immune modulation or elucidation of cell-cell interactions.
  • Candidates must have excellence in organization and documentation with a strong passion for innovation in therapeutic development.

Desirable Criteria:

  • Significant experience in bimolecular analysis
  • Training with certification in pre-clinical experimentation
  • Understanding of translation or clinical trial methodology



Relocation expenses, tickets, visa expenses and legal expenses are all covered by the company.

Work under official legal contract.

Health insurance by the company's expense.

Two week payed vacation

Salary: 5000 $ per mounth