Vilena I.

R&D Scientist

I am searching for R&D Scientist/Postdoc position in Europe. My choice for this position is motivated by my interest in resuming work related to molecular and cell biology. I would welcome to work in the company presenting an excellent career opportunity. Job satisfaction is a critical factor to me, and working in an environment with state of the art equipment, adequately funded projects under EU-grade work standards would provide plenty of it. Being a growing company is also an important aspect for the potential in long-term opportunities. I believe that my research experience would be valuable and useful for my future career.

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Адрес Kazan, Russian Federation
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Cellthera Pharm LLC
Scientific Researcher
Фев 2016 - Текущий
Currently I have been involved in the TOT project towards administration the prospective sequence and timing of an active dendritic cell vaccine immunotherapy. I developed the cell cytotoxicity assays and multicolor staining protocols to administrate sequence for the aPD1/sunitinib combination immunotherapy in order to observe synergy in a various mouse models. I am involved in manufacture of DC-vaccine under GLP conditions.
Biocant – Technology Transfer Association
Сен 2014 - Дек 2015
I had been involved in a collaborative project aimed at attempting to reverse the Parkinson disease cell state using epigenetic approach based on miRNA treatment
Kazan Pharmaceutical Sciences Research Centre
Laboratory Assistant
Июл 2014 - Фев 2016
Working as a research assistant I had been involved in a project involving epigenetic regulation to improve mitochondrial function in neurodegenerative diseases. Recently, I have been working to assess the therapeutic potential of novel myelin peptide using human pDCs model. In addition to experimental research, my duties also include training undergraduate students and supervising their scientific projects. I sincerely enjoy working with the younger generation of scientists and passing my experience on to them.


Kazan Federal University
Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Microbiology
Сен 2010 - Янв 2014
During my PhD, I led a project aimed at understanding the role of cardiolipin in modulating the function and structural organization of several E. coli membrane protein complexes (complex II of the respiratory chain, the translocon SecYEG, lactose permease LacY, alkaline phosphatase PhoA and porin OmpF).
In addition, the topography of the active centres in cardiolipin synthases was also studied. I showed that cardiolipin stabilizes the functional conformation of SecYEG dimer and is therefore mandatory for the correct folding of membrane proteins via this translocase. In the course of the research project, I obtained experience in Western Blots, 2D TLC (Two-Dimensional Thin-Layer Chromatography), SCAM (The substituted-cysteine accessibility method), and measurement of transmembrane pH gradients, maintenance of mutant libraries, transformation and P1vir phage transduction techniques.
Kazan Federal University
M.Sc. in Molecular Pharmacology
Сен 2005 - Июл 2010
My primary research goals have been directed toward understanding the mechanisms underlying autoimmune diseases. As a master’s student in Kazan Federal University, I have studied the immunoreactivity of sera from systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) patients to different subtypes of circulating nucleic acids (i.e. RNA, DNA and mtDNA) versus healthy control.
To this end, I developed an ELISA protocol and was able to show that SLE patients display significantly higher immunoreactivity to total nucleic acids compared to healthy controls, as well as a differential immunoreactivity to the various nucleic acid sub-types. During my master’s studies, I also described the internalization and nuclear co-localization of anti-DNA antibodies in a cellular model.

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English (Level 4)


Cellular biology: • Cell culture: BJ, HEK 293, MDCK, MEFs, moDC, PDC, PBMC, SPEV, NK 92-MI, Renca, LLC1. • Microbiology: Liquid and solid cultures of bacterias. • Microscopy: fluorescence and light microscopy. • Flow cytometry. • Real-time cell analysis.

Molecular biology: • PCR-based analyses: primer design, gene expression and mtDNA quantification. Transformation. P1 phage transduction.

Biochemistry: 2D-electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE, BN-PAGE and IEF) · Western blot · Fast-flow liquid chromatography of proteins (ion-exchange resin, IMAC, C18, gel-exclusion) · ELISA · Immunofluorescence ·Immunohistochemistry.

Animal skills: • Mouse handling: IP and SC injection, tail blood collection, genotyping.


Photoshop · Corel DRAW · AxioVision · Quantity One · FlowJo · GraphPad · Minitab · FACSuite · NovoExpress · JuLI STAT · RTCA

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Fellowships and awards

2012 Algarysh scholarship grant. University of Texas, Health Science Center at Houston (Texas, USA). Project: Folding and Assembly of Membrane Proteins.

2011 DAAD scholarship grant.University of Regensburg (Regensburg, Germany). Project: Interaction of IL-13 and TGF-b1 in chronic inflammation, fibrosis and carcinogenesis Inflammation-induced colon cancer in patients with inflammatory bowel disease.

I am enjoying extending my scientific knowledge, sharpen professional skills and strengthen scientific background in preparation for the future scientific career.

I am a conscientious person who works hard and pays attention to details. I'm flexible, quick to pick up new skills and eager to responsibly learn from others. I also have lots of ideas and enthusiasm